Awards & Dates

The FHL Foundation, through its Minka Scholarship Program, will make scholarship grants directly to departments of field sciences. We will not make scholarship grants to departments of financial aid. We expect that departments of field sciences will agree to administer the scholarship grant awards they receive. If need be, scholarship grants can be processed through a college or university foundation or department of sponsored research (with a 5% pass-through cap). Although a student may initiate the scholarship process by bringing the Minka Scholarship Program to the attention of their department of field sciences, ultimately all requests for scholarship grants must come directly from the department of field sciences, typically from the department head. The FHL Foundation will not have any say in who ultimately receives scholarship grant awards. The department of field sciences will have final authority to distribute scholarship funds as they see fit to pay for such things as tuition, field expenses, teaching assistant (TA) duties, and research assistant (RA) duties.

The FHL Foundation board meets four times a year, typically in:

  • October (our annual meeting)
  • January
  • April
  • July (our end-of-year meeting)

We are able to consider requests for scholarship grant awards at each of our board meetings. The agenda for each meeting is set two weeks before the meeting. In order for a scholarship grant request to be considered, it must be submitted at least two weeks before a meeting date. Contact the Foundation (using the Contact menu item) and we can tell you the exact date of the next scheduled board meeting.